• 4 Ways we sabotage healthy weight loss

    Weight loss is never JUST about diet and exercise. We are such complex creatures and our beliefs and habits play a huge part in what weight our bodies carry. We so often have people tell us they are 'just eating salad' or 'working out every day' and can't understand why the weight won't shift.

  • Two Ways to take Anxiety's power

    Anxiety used to be the feeling when you were frantically rushing to catch a plane. Now, for many people, it feels like a permanent state of being. Here are some tips for changing your state of anxiety.
  • Wellbeing is good for people, and for profit

    Well people are effective workers, great team mates, innovators and achievers. Recent research for Xero showed that for every $1 invested in company wellbeing initiatives, owners can expect to see a return of up to 12x - within a year.
  • New Zealand's newest Online Wellbeing Programme - Time to Thrive

    Nestled in the heart of Takapuna for over 20 years, Suna Pilates + Wellbeing has evolved from a pure Pilates Studio to a wellbeing hub offering a range of Pilates classes, Kinesiology and Wellbeing Programmes in order to provide a holistic health and wellness range to its loyal clientele, many of...
  • AUT study finds 31 percent of Kiwi workers dangerously close to burnout

    We are super proud of Northbridge Lifecare Trust, who featured in this NewsHub article because they have a Suna Pilates instructor lead a staff workout twice weekly, and are committed to open communication about wellbeing with their staff.
  • How mindful exercise can help depression and anxiety

    When you are intensely focused on your breathing, and Pilates form, and the effort to maintain these, there is no room for your mind to wander and ‘get busy’ with other things. 
  • Losing excess weight is not about eating less, but about loving more

    Spoiler alert. Reaching healthy weight goals is almost never about striving to eat less. Find out why subsisting on tasteless salads doesn't move excess weight.

  • Overcoming 'flight or flight' - How to escape living in a state of anxiety

    Flight mode is our Sympathetic nervous system kicking into action, 'accelerating your car' - and Fight mode is the Parasympathetic system, which 'hits the brakes hard'. Two key nervous systems are acting against each other, so that neither is functioning well. We call this Sympathetic Dominance, as the flight instinct over-rides the functioning of the body's rest and repair processes. It results in stressed, anxious exhausted people... and we want to help!