AUT study finds 31 percent of Kiwi workers dangerously close to burnout

An AUT study of 1000 Kiwis following the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, has found 31 percent of workers are either dangerously close to burnout or have hit the wall.

"We're talking about people with high job anxiety, high depression," professor Jarrod Haar told Newshub. "They won't be sleeping, they may have physical pain… they won't be performing in their job."

Karen Rutherford reports for Newshub.

Watch the video and you'll spot our wonderful corporate wellbeing client, Northbridge Lifecare Trust, strengthening and taking care of their aged care workers - and Gabby leading the workout.

We are super proud of Northbridge Lifecare Trust, who have a Suna Pilates instructor come in twice a week to lead a staff workout, and are committed to open communication about wellbeing with their staff.