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Can Breathing lessen anxiety? Science says Yes.

Can Breathing lessen anxiety? Science says Yes.

New research suggests that a focus on correct breathing is one of the simplest ways you can alter your mindset - and improve your emotional and mental state - because our breathing patterns influence the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) branches of our nervous system. 

 "Just Breathe." 

It could be one of the most over-used mantras of the 21st century, but in the face of a global pandemic, changing lifestyles, daily tensions and the dramas our internal voice plays out, simply 'breathing' is becoming a lost art.

Breath has always been a core element of Suna Pilates, where each exercise has an accompanying inhale and exhale, so our members are learning - and practicing - improved breathing techniques while exercising.

"Breathing is an important regulatory mechanism for the autonomic nervous system that runs our bodies; so better breathing patterns create a happier, healthier body with better immune function, more mobile spines - and great breathing technique can help increase your metabolism, reduce excess fat and clear your skin!" - Susie

New research suggests that a focus on correct breathing is one of the simplest ways you can alter your mindset - and improve your emotional and mental state - because our breathing patterns influence the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) branches of our nervous system. 

Researchers like Elissa Epel, a Professor at UC San Francisco, are exploring how using breathing techniques can help people combat anxiety - and yes, they’re confirming that breathing can be key to feeling calm. 

“The rate and depth we breathe at is a huge determinant of our mental state,” says Epel“If we’re breathing really shallowly and fast, it causes our nervous system to up-regulate and we feel tense and anxious; if we’re breathing slowly, it actually turns on the anti-stress response.”

In his new book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, journalist James Nestor argues that modern humans have become pretty bad at this most basic act of living. We breathe through our mouths and into our chests, and we do it way too fast. There’s even a phenomenon called “email apnea,” where multitasking office workers breathe irregularly and shallowly - or even hold their breath for half a minute or more while glued to their devices.
Read the TED article.

Mindfulness and calm through breath

We often work on reshaping our thoughts to move out of anxiety, which is a useful technique - but sometimes breath can reset your body and mind within seconds.

Susie talks about using sighing breaths - 10 deep sighs in time of stress - to quickly move to a calmer state.

Because a focus on breathing brings you into a mindful state and essentially hushes the complex anxious thoughts you may be dealing with, your body can receive a swift, clear message - 'no danger here, we are breathing calmly, everything is safe' and your nervous system can shift from fight or flight to rest and repair.

Hot tip - Combine this with 10 minutes of Sama Blocking for even more effect!

Regular breathing practice reduces anxiety levels - and focusing on breathing techniques in times of acute stress can instantly reduce anxiety too

A 2017 Chinese Medical University study found that when highly anxious people practiced diaphragmatic (deep belly breaths) breathing twice a day they reported less anxiety and the physical signs of anxiety levels were reduced.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported that people waiting to receive and electric shock were less stressed mentally and physically if they breathed slowly - and another study showed that a fast inhale and slow exhale worked best.

(And, you'll be happy to know the participants never received the promised shock!) 


The powerful benefits of breathing with Suna Pilates

Breath is a central principle of Pilates – and there are some very compelling reasons why! Many people live in a state of low oxygen saturation, which means they will have low levels of the readily available energy created by correct breath function and good posture. 

At Suna Pilates we have a strong focus on the importance breathing correctly, with active inhalation and exhalation as this creates numerous benefits for your overall health, metabolism and energy levels.

Enjoy better Pilates form

Breathing well supports correct Pilates form during the exercises, and specific changes in breathing technique or rhythm are employed to increase the effectiveness of each Suna Pilates movement. Because we focus on posture and breathing with every movement we do, you learn fast, and we retrain your mind, body, and mind-body connections into lasting habits of better posture and breathing function.

In Pilates we place emphasis on ‘strengthening the core’, and Suna Pilates exercises include using specific breathing patterns to activate our core muscles effectively. One of the key reasons we focus on breath is that the exhale in each exercise ensures that the abdominal muscles are engaged – which delivers quick results and strengthening of your core.

A strengthened core and supple intercostal muscles allow the lungs to expand more and support an improved the respiratory system, which is crucial to our overall mind-body wellbeing.

Boost oxygenation

On that topic – breathing well increases the supply of oxygen around our bodies and brains. Fuller breaths provide extra oxygen to improve blood circulation, providing more oxygen and nutrients to our cells and relieving congestion.

Feel more energetic

It’s easy to see how breathing well fuels your metabolism with more oxygen and nutrients and improves your energy levels! Great pilates breathing makes you feel less physically and mentally tired, and sets your body at an optimum operating level.

Because of our focus on breathing, you can expect to leave a Suna Pilates class feeling physically extended, but energised and revitalised!

Breathing well also engages your diaphragm, massaging your internal organs and improving their cleansing and nutrient boosting functions for additional energy and detoxifying your system. You will literally be breathing out toxins too.

Enjoy healthier respiratory health 

The difference between breathing at a 'less than ideal' function and correct breathing function can be staggering. Over 20 years, we have even seen asthmatics cure their asthma and no longer need their inhalers.

Increase clarity of mind

Breathing deeply with intention is a simple form of meditation and helps clarify the mind and calm the body. An oxygenated brain works more efficiently than one in a low oxygen state. Great breathing literally makes us think smarter.

Get a mental health boost - and feel happier!

Breathe away stress and calm your nervous system. It’s all in your control.

Breathing is an important regulatory mechanism for the autonomic nervous system that runs our bodies. Better breathing patterns set us into a beneficial Rest & Repair state which allows us to feel happier, be healthier, enjoy better immune function, and more. We love to watch our members go from low energy, unmotivated and struggling with long term stress, to high-energy, motivated and feeling so much happier and more empowered.

Stronger more flexible spines

Breathing well creates a strong core and a flexible, supported spine. You'll be physically stronger in everything you do, and feel great too.

Get more beautiful skin – yes, really!

All this cleansing and metabolism boosting action is visible on the outside too - improved circulation and oxygen flow can lessen wrinkles and give your skin a gorgeous lasting radiance.

Look fit and fabulous with Suna Pilates

Suna’s style of Pilates is an extremely effective form of fitness and our clients see results fast. Great breathing techniques are a critical piece of the formula and we will help make sure that you understand them and employ correct breathing in the classes to get maximum benefits. You can tone up and get in shape quickly, but once you feel the effects of our great Pilates technique you will want to make Suna a part of your lifestyle.

Curious about the amazing benefits of Pilates? Have a look at our Pilates classes or get in touch now.


De Stress + Live Well with Time to Thrive

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