Creating a stronger self-image - Susie's Six Self-Love Strategies

We're constantly bombarded with messages about trying to look better, slimmer, prettier, hotter, more fashionable, younger, sexier, richer, more beautiful. Hey, no pressure, right? Experts estimate that we see 5000 adverts every day, and the way that most of these work is to create dissatisfaction in order to create a need. 

“The advertising surrounds us to the point where we as consumers begin to lose the distinction between the real view of beauty and the idealized image..” says Lisa Amans, department chair of Advertising and Fashion & Retail Management at The Art Institute of Washington, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta. ..."both men and women easily fall into the trap of believing that if they are not beautiful they will not be successful.” That vulnerability creates the opportunity for the beauty product to step in with the "solution" to the "problem".

From our early teens most of us have scrutinised ourselves through a merciless lens of judgement. It's time to kick that habit! 

Susie's Six Self-Love Strategies

1. Be aware of what you say and think 

We can’t change what we’re not aware of! It might take you a little while to get good at catching that snarky little voice in your head and holding it to account, so be alert. Listen to what you say to yourself. Watch how you speak about yourself to others too, and look out for nasty criticisms and belittling language that you wouldn't use about your friend's bodies and appearance. Start talking to yourself like a friend, after all, at the end of the day your body is likely to be your best and most faithful life-time friend!

2. Be prepared

Where does your worst self-talk happen? Do you critique yourself when you shower, get dressed, workout at the gym? Have a plan for those places. You can choose to thank your body for getting you to the gym, or be grateful you have a lovely warm shower, or be thankful for everything in your body that constantly works so well - be glad your heart beats so faithfully every day of your life!

3. Take the long-view

Remember everything changes with time - put in some effort to move in the right direction (exercise well, eat well, get hydrated, sleep) and make that a effort consistent - then you will see results.

4. Be grateful

Choose to be more happy for what you are; than sad for what you think you aren’t

5. Never compare

Comparison kills joy! Remember that you have no idea how others feel about themselves or their lives; or you! And actually it does’t matter, because you will never know the true contents of another person's mind, but you can bet that they are facing their own struggles.

6. Practice practice practice

Change doesn’t happen overnight. You'll slip now and then but making these steps an ongoing practice means that they will become habit and you will create a kinder, more self-loving way of living. Cherishing yourself can become a way of life!


Enjoy being you - Life's a lot more fun when you feel great about yourself; and your body will thank you for the positive messages!