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Discovering kinesiology at Suna

Discovering kinesiology at Suna

Susie Cleland has been practicing kinesiology since 2002 and was trained by Dr. John Kaye. She shared the amazing story of meeting John with us. 

Suna Pilates + Wellbeing Founder and Director Susie Cleland has been practicing kinesiology since 2002 and was trained by Dr. John Kaye, one of only two Doctors of Kinesiology in the world.  

She shared the amazing story of meeting John with us:

"I first heard of John over a decade ago as a “miracle worker” that was often in the USA. Several years later I was talking to a friend in Dubai on the phone and he was telling me about this amazing guy his partner had met on a plane.

His partner was terrified of flying and a man sitting next to her had totally cured her fear of flying before the plane had even taken off. I soon learned that this man was John and was very excited to be able to talk to him. He said he was coming through NZ in a few weeks to see some friends, and we agreed to meet then.

I arrived at his friend’s house about 20 minutes before he did. In that time I met his friend’s daughter and granddaughter. The granddaughter was six months old and had had a tumour removed from her brain at birth. Since then she had not moved the left side of her body.

Then John came in... 30 minutes later, after having mother and daughter lie on the couch moving the mothers arms and legs around “muscle testing”, and rubbing points around the body, the baby was moving. It blew me away.

Then it was my turn. John tested various muscle groups and talked me through what he was testing for and why. The basis behind it is that the tissues (your body) hold the issues. It was incredible. Without me saying a word he brought up all my issues, my biggest fears, and showed me how my thoughts had been weakening my body.

After the session I felt as though a load had been lifted off my shoulders. My body felt relaxed, I felt light and happy. I had never experienced anything like it. I had several more sessions that week before John flew out, and that time with him changed my life and put me on my current path. I am extremely grateful. 

If you have an ongoing physical pain, or just don’t feel that things are going as you would like them to, or feel down or upset about anything, Kinesiology is a great option.

I recommend two sessions as I believe two makes greater change than one.

John has been doing me the favour of popping into NZ and balancing my clients every year now for around eight years. The people I recommend to him are those that I believe are ready to change, ready to dump old non-serving habits and replace them with a new way to see and do things."

If you need a change – call us on 489 1987 for more information or to book a kinesiology balance session with Susie.

Dr. John Kaye is also available to balance our clients when he visits from Australia.