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Losing excess weight is not about eating less, but about loving more

Losing excess weight is not about eating less, but about loving more

Spoiler alert. Reaching healthy weight goals is almost never about striving to eat less. Find out why subsisting on tasteless salads doesn't move excess weight.

Depriving yourself is not a weight-loss strategy

The myth: You're not good enough (thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, loved enough.) If you become very thin pretty and young, you will be loved. Where did this story come from? Advertising think tanks. Because people who feel they are lacking will buy the miracle weight loss diet, the make up, the clothes, the cosmetic surgery, the hair salon appointment, the teeth bleaching session, the shoes, ad infinitum.

Guess what? This insidious messaging works. The global beauty industry is a relentless beast that is worth USD$168.95 billion in weight loss alone. 

Starting from self-dislike is planning to fail

Typically people think about weight loss along the lines of "I don't like the way I look, I need to diet." It's what we have been taught to think! Deprive yourself of the food you enjoy, punish yourself with high energy workouts, eat less and you will weigh less, right? Wrong.

We so often talk to people who are trying to live on 'lettuce and little' diets, or have tried a 'bootcamp weight loss fitness programme' and found the hard-shed weight miraculously reappeared a week later! There are so many reasons these 'quick fix weight loss' strategies won't attain a long term healthy weight for you, or you may have weight you 'just can't shift!" For example:

  • Lettuce is a carb so unless your metabolic type is suited to carbs your body will store this food as a carbohydrate, and it can end up turned into sugar. 
  • Bootcamp weight loss programmes are unsustainable, and results are short lived. Under eating and over exercising are not sustainable for life! (And it really isn't fun).
  • You may eat really nutritious food and monitor your intake, but if the food you eat isn't the right food for your metabolic type, this won't help you reach your healthy goal weight. If your know your body thrives on protein, or on carbs, or needs both, you can provide the fuel it needs to run well and process energy efficiently.
  • Depending on your metabolic type and YOUR body's needs, you also need to eat at the right times of day, drink the right amount of water, and give your body the right workouts and rest times. 
  • Eating too little can mean you don't have the reserves for fitness and exercise.
  • Unbalanced blood sugars (often from stress!) can influence insulin levels, so even fit people who eat well retain excess weight.

What happens if we begin by valuing ourselves?

Self love is a critical step in any wellness journey. If we come from a place of knowing our metabolic body type and wanting to nourish it with what it needs, we are focused on caring for ourselves well. Stop judging people, and stop judging yourself. We are all doing the best that we can. 

Imagine the difference in your body and mind if instead of telling yourself "I'm fat and I can't have any more to eat" we think "My body is so amazing, and it works best when I eat protein, so I will nourish it with this perfectly cooked steak." Be actively aware that your body is the most precious thing you will ever own.

Imagine your body as a garden. Will it flourish best if we leave the dry ground bare? Or if we water it, shelter the delicate flowers, and add rich mulch to full the earth with the minerals and vitamins necessary for life?

Or maybe it helps to compare the way you care for your body to how you care for your child. Do you give your child rest, water, nutritious whole foods? Why wouldn't you treat your child's parent with the same care and tenderness?

Is your aim to be slender; or to be happy?

Weight loss should be about feeling fantastic in a body that is 'functionally fit' and is a joy to live in. Excess weight is a burden on your body's system and can cause health issues, but excess thinness is also, and a body deprived of rest and nutrition cannot thrive.

"A happy person in a well body will be radiant."

We can help you feel fantastic with Kinesiology. We can help you let go of stress and heavy thoughts that drag you down, correct physical imbalances and pain, release emotional strain and set your body up to be the best it can.

We also use Kinesiology to help you eat right for your body. We will uncover your metabolic type so you understand what food types your body needs, when it needs you to eat, how much sleep and water you need to function optimally.

Once your body and mind are fine-tuned with Kinesiology, the effect of exercise will be blindingly obvious, and your happiness and health will combine to make you feel better than ever.

We can tailor a full wellness programme for you combining Pilates, outdoor time, nutrition guidance, rest and rehydration guidelines and much more. Excess weight loss will just be one effect of a much happier you and a more balanced, well body. 

Being kind to your wonderful body and focusing on ways to feel better is key to long-term sustainable fitness results – and if you feel great, you will be looking amazing.