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New Zealand's newest Online Wellbeing Programme - Time to Thrive

New Zealand's newest Online Wellbeing Programme - Time to Thrive

Nestled in the heart of Takapuna for over 20 years, Suna Pilates + Wellbeing has evolved from a pure Pilates Studio to a wellbeing hub offering a range of Pilates classes, Kinesiology and Wellbeing Programmes in order to provide a holistic health and wellness range to its loyal clientele, many of whom have been with Suna since the studio's inception.

Now anyone, anywhere in the world, can get the benefit of the Suna ethos through the new, fully online Wellbeing Programme, Time to Thrive.

Time to Thrive is a 6-8 week wellness programme with 10 online modules which cover aspects of physical health and mental health, while teaching tips and techniques designed to empower people to create a life they love, both at home and at work. Topics range from goal setting, stress management and being present to physical exercise, breath, sleep, nutrition - and more. The philosophy behind the programme is that small lifestyle changes will add up to big results, and improved wellbeing.

"Everyone feels so rushed and busy - it's no wonder so many of us are living in a state of long term stress. We want to take you from surviving to thriving with insights into how our bodies and minds work, combined with practical, sustainable techniques for changing habits, and creating new behaviours. You have the ability to reboot your life and start living your most joyful, authentic life, right now." - Susie Cleland, Director.


Online Wellbeing for workplace wellness or personal development

Each of the ten modules includes a 15-25 minute video explaining the topic and sharing techniques and a worksheet to complete afterwards. Participants will end the programme with a toolkit of stress busting body nourishing ways to ensure that they can start living a life they enjoy, and taking great care of their physical and mental health.

With the recent AUT research showing that 31% of Kiwi workers are dangerously close to burnout after coping with covid and lockdowns over the last 14 months, there has never been a better time to invest in your wellness - and your staff's wellbeing.

Yes, time to Thrive is easily implemented as a ready to go Corporate Wellness Programme.

"We're absolutely invested in the wellbeing of our Suna clientele" says Director Susie Cleland. "Creating Time to Thrive was something we've wanted to do for a long time to give people outside the North Shore and CBD a way to benefit from Suna. We have covered both mental and physical health in the programme because while mental health is quite rightly very topical at the moment, physical health is also key to enjoying life and aging well. We think that Time To Thrive creates a symbiotic balance of both mental and physical health. When covid lockdowns began last year and we swung into online Pilates classes, we knew this was the right time to develop a Wellbeing Programme that would be globally available, and have real benefits for everyone going through this unique experience."

Created in New Zealand for a global audience, Time to Thrive is relevant, modern and relatable. 

Find out more about Time to Thrive now - or contact the Suna team directly to ask about a solution for your business or workplace.