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Reflect and take some time for self care

Reflect and take some time for self care

It is completely ok, to not be ok! Over 22 years of helping thousands of people with their wellbeing, we have found that it’s the small lifestyle changes that are easy to implement, and which add up to big results in how you feel. 

It’s a time of reflection

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what has been our world for the last two years and not underestimate the impact that this has had on society, families, businesses; but most importantly, let's reflect on the most important person…. You!

What we knew our world to be, has changed

If we remember how we thought life was going to be, we can safely say that at no stage did we think this was going to impact us the way it has, nor did we realise that underneath the 'must get through this' mentality, we were accumulating the effects of all that presented to us - both positive and negative.

And this is absolutely ok, it is how society has trained us to think - “all is well”, “I just have to be strong and power through”, “If I portray on the outside I’m ok, I will be ok inside”…

The classic “I’m great” response when really, if we are being honest, we're not feeling that great and actually the real answer is “I’m carrying a load inside”.

Let’s acknowledge the truth

It is completely ok to not be ok!

The first step is to acknowledge this to yourself. But how do you do this when you believe (hope) you are doing ok?  Your mind tells you to “harden up”, remind you that there are people worse off than you, you are 80% ok so that can’t be too bad…  

And it may be even more scary to acknowledge is the fact that; if I’m not ok, then what! Where do I go from here? What will I face if I do admit this to myself? Who will be my support, understand what is happening and actually be able to help me?

I want to feel good and feel me again

You are not alone, and we acknowledge and appreciate the realness of your feelings. No matter what happens inside your mind and body, no matter what level it gets to for you, these feelings are real, and we acknowledge you.

What can you do at home?

We have many ways to boost your wellness, which won’t cost you anything!

Over 22 years of helping thousands of people with their wellbeing, we have found that it’s the small lifestyle changes that are easy to implement, and which add up to big results in how you feel.  Try one of the wellness tips below, and when you’ve implemented one, do another. Don’t take on too much if you feel overwhelmed, as just one thing at a time will make a difference. 

  1. Firstly, acknowledge that you are 'not yourself'.
  2. Be aware of your thoughts! Thoughts create your biological reality, which creates your physical and mental reality, so try starting and finishing your day with gratitude. Ten things that you are grateful for - and one thing that springs to mind right now, be grateful you are reading this as it’s the first step to self-help.
  3. Really breathe and take the time to breathe in fresh air. Focusing on the breath can often be enough to reduce the stress response and lessen anxiety
  4. Creating a stable, strong circadian rhythm is key for good health, and rest is an important part of this as it is where we can repair. How many hours of deep and restful sleep are you getting a night? Most people require 8 hours, so come up with a good sleep routine to feel fantastic.
  5. Listen to your body. Your body can and will tell you everything it needs, if you take the time to learn and listen to what messages are being delivered.
  6. Drink high quality water. It is more challenging on your body to process water with chlorine and fluoride in it, using more energy. Drink one litre per day for every 25kgs you weigh.
  7. Eat high quality foods to nourish your body.

Want more wellness help? We're here for you

  1. We can be an ear to support you, reassure you that what you are feeling is real, you are not the only one - and we can guide you in the right direction of what will assist you and your goal.
  2. A Kinesiology balance can be used to improve a huge range of issues from physical, to emotional and beyond! If you're feeling stressed, unwell or overwhelmed, re-balancing with Kinesiology can literally help you change your life.
  3. Śama Blocking daily reduces feelings of stress, helps us cope with anxiety and can help you sleep better.
  4. Our online Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing Programme – Time To Thrive – is a great first step to really start looking at all the areas in your life that you can make small lifestyle changes that will add up to you feeling better and living better.
  5. If you haven’t been exercising because you haven’t felt like it try adding a walk even if it’s only 10 minutes into your weekly schedule. Once you are doing one walk a week, add another, or if you’d like to try a mindful exercise, something that is great for physical and mental wellbeing which will leave you feeling energised and more positive, we have options both online and in the Suna Pilates studio for you.

You are not alone! Our whole purpose is to help people, so if you have read until the end, call 09 489 1987 or email us now and we will help you to be the best version of you - no matter what challenges life throws you.