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4 Ways we sabotage healthy weight loss

4 Ways we sabotage healthy weight loss

Weight loss is never JUST about diet and exercise. We are such complex creatures and our beliefs and habits play a huge part in what weight our bodies carry. We so often have people tell us they are 'just eating salad' or 'working out every day' and can't understand why the weight won't shift.

Weight loss is never JUST about diet and exercise. We are such complex creatures and our beliefs and habits play a huge part in what weight our bodies carry.

At Suna Wellbeing we so often have people tell us they are 'just eating salad' or 'working out every day' and can't understand why the weight won't shift. There is a really long list of reasons why starving yourself and thrashing your body won't deliver your optimal healthy weight and good energy levels. On top of that, every body is different.

We really enjoy using Kinesiology to help uncover what your body needs and what it can use effectively to reach your own unique healthy weight and energy levels. Using muscle testing we can uncover which foods your body needs, as well as when you can best eat and sleep and drink water to support your body. We also often identify our client's mental blocks or self sabotaging beliefs, so these can be addressed, freeing the body from self imposed restrictions.

Ask us about Kinesiology or book your first session at a very special rate right now


#1 Weight loss Sabotage - Framing it as a sacrifice  

People often tell us ‘I want to lose weight'. 

And we say “Do you want to lose your keys?” No...
Do you want to lose our phone? No...
Do you want to lose a friend? No...
Then why do you want to "lose" weight?

The word LOSE has a negative subliminal programme around it which won't benefit your body. Our subconscious reaction to the word lose is that we don't want to lose anything - we want to keep what we have. This is why studies have shown that people who use the words 'lose weight' will yo-yo up and down with their weight - their body thinks that losing anything is a bad thing and tries to repair the damage.

So we are sabotaging ourselves when we use the words 'lose weight' or 'weight loss'. Words like 'shed' or 'reduce' are less harmful - but we can turn this language right around and use positive words to create a far better connotation and positive subliminal messages - like 'I want to achieve my ideal weight' or 'get in shape' or 'get fit and fabulous' or even 'fit my jeans well'!


#2 Weight loss Sabotage - Focusing on symptoms not causes

A great way to start on the journey to enjoying a healthy body weight is by starting with the question - Why is my body holding weight?

It’s always for a very specific reason, and generally it isn't as simple as 'you're unmotivated'. Sometimes you will know right away what this reason is, and other times it might help to have a Kinesiology session with Susie to reveal what beliefs are underneath the more obvious habits.


#3 Weight loss Sabotage - Thinking our bodies are working against us

Your body’s goal is to keep you alive, and if you are living in a way that’s not beneficial your body will make adjustments as best it can. We are often led to believe that if we are holding excess weight, then our bodies are broken, or are working against us - but it's completely opposite.

Our bodies are looking after us.

A great example is if you are eating sugar because you’ve 'got no energy' and  you’re working too much or feeling time poor and just grab a snack. So you have sugar for a short energy boost. Your body stores this in fat (often around the stomach) to stop the sugar going into your organs or your brain, because sugar is really hard for the body to process. So your body is trying to save you by storing this fat - it's actually your poor nutrition and lifestyle choices that are working against reaching that body you want.

Another common example is that many people are programmed to believe if they exercise more and eat less they will reduce weight - in other words that less input and higher output will make them slender - but they actually gain weight. This is because over exercising and eating less than you need puts your body into sympathetic dominance (a state of fight or flight) and the body carefully slows down your metabolism so you don’t reduce weight!

Your body believes that if you are working this hard and eating this little, you must be in a dangerous state of survival and or starvation - so to look after you, it saves all the weight and fat that it can, because it doesn’t know when you'll get your next decent next meal!

This is classic self sabotage. 


#4 Weight loss Sabotage - Eating wrong for your body

We often say - there is no one-size-fits-all weight programme! So many of our Suna Wellbeing clients have seen their body change dramatically just by giving it the food it needs, when it needs it. There are three Metabolic Types - Protein, Carbohydrate, and Mixed. If you know your body's Metabolic Type, you can start giving it the food types it craves to run well, and stop loading it down with the foods that it doesn't.

Get access to the $10 Metabolic Typing pack online now and find out which foods will get your body running effectively and free from excess weight, or to learn more about Nutrition, sign up to our Time to Thrive online programme which has 10 modules, one of which is on Nutrition and explains Metabolic Typing.

If you want to get into more detail and learn more about what your body needs to enjoy your ideal weight  and energy levels, from supplements to sleep, blocking to exercise and hydration - book a Kinesiology session with Susie or Gabby now.


For real and sustainable weight loss do these 5 things

  1. Take a hard honest look at the reasons why you want to lose weight. It's a really positive thing to want to be a healthy weight, but if the thought behind it is that you will be more worthy if you are lighter, or that you’ll get more attention, then weight loss becomes a negative thing. Negative thoughts need to be re-framed into a positive goal that supports your self worth. 
    OuTime to Thrive online programme modules cover Goal Setting, Changing Beliefs to change your habits, and Nutrition - as well as 7 more wellbeing modules to help you create the life - and body - you want.

  2. It is absolutely key to look at the underlying cause of any excess weight before you begin making changes, otherwise you are looking at symptom as the problem without addressing the cause - that approach never gets good, or lasting results.

  3. Learn how to fuel YOUR body in the right way so it can thrive, and process food effectively. Use Metabolic Typing as a starting place.

  4. Make sure you are not in an ongoing state of stress (fight or flight / sympathetic dominance). When your body believes it is under duress it will shut down processes like effective digestion, and if it is hungry it will increase storage of fat to create a safeguard against starvation. Explore ways to reset your body into a state of calm - we love Sama Blocks as a quick and effective way to rebalance your body and mental state to calm every day.

  5. Understand and enjoy the level of healthy exercise that suits your body. Come into our Pilates Studio in Auckland, or pop over to the Pilates website to get online Pilates workouts.


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