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Wellbeing is good for people, and for profit

Wellbeing is good for people, and for profit

Well people are effective workers, great team mates, innovators and achievers. Recent research for Xero showed that for every $1 invested in company wellbeing initiatives, owners can expect to see a return of up to 12x - within a year.

Resilient and well people are effective workers, great team mates, innovators and achievers. Everything is easier if you feel well, and have energy and the mental space to think proactively and creatively. 

As an employer, we know you want your teams to feel good, function well, feel satisfied with life, develop as people, and have strong relationships. This is how the Mental Health Foundation defines positive wellbeing. 

And well employees mean that teams and divisions and entire organisations are able to be more agile, more resilient and create new opportunities. Everyone from the individual to the group to the organisation (and its finances) are better off.

On top of creating an environment where better business outcomes are the norm, company leaders will experience the thrill of leading a business which cultivates a culture of wellbeing and nurtures employee wellness - leading to happier, more satisfying lives for all the people who work there, and their families.

Better business models really can build better communities.

Workplace wellbeing drives financial return

Kiwi innovators Xero commissioned this new research from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) which shows that investing in employee wellbeing can directly increase business profitability. This is a logical assumption but their research confirms that for every dollar invested in company-wide wellbeing initiatives for staff of small businesses, owners can expect to see a return of up to 12x - within a year.

Having employees with poor wellbeing creates numerous impacts on the business as well as for the individual and their team mates. Taking action to create and strengthen a culture of wellbeing which de-stigmatises and supports employee mental health issues means that a business can help people, and prevent any impacts productivity.

This return on investment was measured through productivity improvements across the key areas of Team Wellbeing, which delivered a ROI of 5:1, and up to 12:1 and was defined as creating a wellbeing culture that supports the physical and mental health of your team (For example, wellbeing education programmes, fostering an environment that openly supports mental health, and organising activities designed to improve staff wellbeing.) and Employee Assistance Programmes which offer reactive support through professional counselling (and delivered a ROI of 3.6:1).  

Strikingly, according to the NZIER, poor wellbeing negatively affects a person’s decision-making and productivity for an average of 13 weeks a year.

 - That’s three months of the year where a person’s ability to do the job is impacted. 


Is it your business's Time to Thrive?

Suna's online workplace wellness programme is ideal for establishing shared goals and understanding around both mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace.

Employees who are struggling with wellbeing often feeling overwhelmed, so our programme works on the philosophy that small life style changes - that can easily be incorporated into a busy life - add up to big results.

With modules addressing Goal Setting and Stress Management, Self Awareness and Reframing Beliefs, Time to Thrive will help your team improve their wellbeing, but also creates some new language and buy-in for a company culture of wellness.

Implementation is simple - we set it up, you just email your staff the login link - and the information in each module is backed by over 20 years’ expertise in combining physical and holistic wellbeing to build more well people.

We'd love to talk about how Time to Thrive can help embed a shared culture of wellbeing in your workplace.

Reach out to Kiri - or call 021 180 1430.