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Workplace Wellness Programmes

Our range of Corporate Wellness Programmes can be tailored to fit your business needs. Talk to us about your wellbeing goals for your team, and let's find the best way to work together!

Our new Time to Thrive online wellbeing programme will help your people feel good, and live better. Well employees are resilient, healthy, calm and energised. Supporting your team's wellbeing is especially relevant in a 'covid world' with stress levels high - through Time to Thrive's 10 modules, we share effective techniques for stress management, self-care and success. Suna’s Time to Thrive Programme has 10 modules, each with a 10-25 minute instructional video and accompanying worksheets focusing on practical lifestyle changes, that won’t overwhelm busy, stressed people - and a self assessment module before and after so you can measure workplace wellness results.

  1. Workplace Pilates & Posture Education


Small daily steps to transformation