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Time to Thrive Workplace Wellness Programme

  • $150.00

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Customisable Mind-Body Online Workplace Wellness Programme

When we feel good, we do better. Well employees are resilient, healthy, calm and energised. In a 'covid world' with increased rates of remote work and stress levels high, we can help you support your team’s wellbeing effectively, and teach new techniques for self-care and success.

Time to Thrive is a cost-effective online wellbeing programme with simple implementation that can be completed at work, or at home - and it’s backed by over 20 years’ expertise in combining physical and holistic wellbeing.

Suna’s Time to Thrive Programme has 10 modules, each with a 10-25 minute instructional video and accompanying worksheet. The Time to Thrive programme:

  • Focuses on practical lifestyle changes - that won’t overwhelm busy, stressed people
  • Combines mental and physical wellbeing strategies for well bodies and minds
  • Exercises and techniques can be incorporated into everyday life and work practices
  • A great team building tool, that offers benefits for everyone
  • Is easy to implement in the workplace or at home – anywhere your team are online
  • Is cost effective for small and large companies on a per seat basis
  • Can improve company culture, employee wellbeing - and your bottom line.

This short video overview designed as an introduction for your employees gives you an introduction to the Time to Thrive Wellness Programme: 


There are many ways that you can use this wellbeing programme:

  • Provide the Programme for your employees to watch and do in their own time. It’s simple and easy to follow, they can do it at their own speed in their own homes.
  • Work Wellbeing Programme – Work the modules into your employee’s working week by offering a 30 min group session time to watch the module together and discuss, then do the worksheet at home. Great for team building, accountability and support.
  • Add a one hour group coaching session or presentation and 15 minute Q&A time with Suna Director Susie Cleland - virtually or in person - to your programme for $250.

We can tailor programmes, or select a few of the most relevant workplace wellness modules, to meet your needs.


  • Self-Assessment – Before and after
  • Nutrition
  • Goal Setting & Intentions
  • Posture
  • Being Present
  • Stress Response vs Stress Release
  • Reframing Stories and Beliefs
  • Connecting Mind and Body with Breath
  • Movement for Mastery - exercise
  • Connecting to You - self awareness

Workplace Results

  • Stress management techniques
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Calm and focus
  • New ways of thinking
  • Healthy breathing for energy & wellness
  • Healthy posture
  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Improved teamwork through understanding of issues and techniques that the team will all be able to comprehend and use.

All these benefits combine to result in well, less stressed employees, who are capable of more focused output.

Your team can complete our Self-Assessment modules for before and after the wellness programme and submit copies anonymously, so you can report on results internally if you wish.

Cost Effective

Our per-licence pricing philosophy works on the principle that the more people you want to help the less you pay. The per-seat cost ranges from $150 to $30 depending on staff count. Let us know your budget and HR requirements and we can discuss in more details what would suit you and the size of your company.


Please speak with Kiri - or call 021 180 1430.