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Get your Mojo back & beat the Blues

  • $10.00

We all have times we feel a bit down, but when you don't bounce back like usual, it helps to have some proven techniques to refresh your body and mind, and revitalise your perspective.

Over more than 20 years we have worked with a range of methodologies to support our clients through hard times and tough emotional challenges, because we know that a well body and mind work together for true, holistic wellbeing.

Resilience and positivity are things we can nourish, and being able to use intentional skills to bring ourselves back to a state where we live in balance and feel joy and strength is a life changing superpower.

In this online presentation, Susie will share insights, techniques, tips and ways to bring simple, lasting changes into your lifestyle that will support your mental and emotional wellbeing through the good times and the hard times.

At the end of her talk, Susie will share a specific 5 minute workout programme that you can choose to adopt, or use whenever you need. This is designed to give you a new way of approaching mental wellbeing with a short daily practice that can be adapted to fit any lifestyle.

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