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Be Well 8 - Your personalised wellbeing plan

  • $500.00

Take action and improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing with Be Well, our eight week personalised plan that employs six simple but seriously effective lifestyle changes; to create dramatic results.


We'll help you set a clear goal - and reach it

Whether your goal is reduced weight, more energy or improved fitness, we're on your team! We will set out a practical, achievable path for you to reach your goal while improving your overall wellbeing, happiness and quality of life.

As your Be Well plan is completely personalised, we will show you just what’s right for your body - and most importantly, how to get the results you want long term.

Be Well is not a "quick fix", it’s a new way of life

With over 20 years’ experience helping people with countless different health issues and goals, our aim is to help you create a well, happy body, so you can get the most out of your life. We measure ourselves on contentment and laughter gained, not just kilos lost!

The Be Well plan uses Suna Kinesiology (a system of muscle testing) to build a plan specific to your body's needs. Your plan will incorporate a combination of thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, exercise and rest - all the essentials you need to be the most wonderful version of you.

Your plan will tell you:

  • Your Metabolic Type
  • What to eat for your Metabolic Type
  • How many times a day to eat and when
  • How much water you need
  • How much rest you need and when
  • What type of exercise is best for you
  • How much exercise to do and when you should do it
  • If any supplements would be helpful to you
  • If there’s anything that’s not functioning optimally and how to fix it

At Suna, we believe that life is meant to be fun. Punishing your body with the wrong exercise, starving yourself and denying yourself pleasure is definitely not fun, and it’s impossible to sustain. The Be Well plan will give you healthy, sustainable habits that you’ll be happy to follow for life, and your body will thank you for it!

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