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Suna Physical Therapy

  • $75.00

Are you living in pain and in need of rehabilitation? We’ve got you covered!

Suna Physical Therapy is hands on treatment to facilitate recovery and alleviate pain in the body. Janneke Blokland is our European Trained and accredited Physiotherapist, who in addition to Suna Pilates Certification, is trained in Suna Rehab.

Jannekke will assess your injuries and symptoms to find the cause of pain, and come up with a personalised plan to help you build a more functional and pain-free body. This could include trigger point therapy, mobilisation and soft tissue work.

    Suna MSK Rehab is ideal for :

    • Rehabilitation
    • Injury assessment and Plan
    • Restoring optional movement and function pre and post- surgery
    • Falls prevention
    • Improvement of movement patterns , strength and range of motion
    • Mobilising

    With over 20 years of experience, you are in safe hands.