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Small changes that add up to a life you love living

Online Wellbeing Programmes

If you dream of enjoying life, having fun and feeling fulfilled, instead of feeling tired, stressed and rushed - it is time to prioritise your wellbeing and take care of yourself in both body and mind. Our online wellbeing programmes make it possible for you to choose wellbeing any time, anywhere. They focus on small lifestyle changes that add up to big results - and empower you with the knowledge and techniques to change your life and reinvent how you feel about yourself. 

Time to Thrive Wellness Course



This online course guides you through different elements of wellbeing and ways to change your life for the better, with 10 modules, each with an instructional video and worksheet. Complete it in your time, anywhere. Enjoy less stress, to better sleep, and greater wellbeing.

This online wellness course focuses on practical lifestyle changes - that won’t overwhelm busy, stressed people. The modules combine mental and physical wellbeing strategies for well bodies and minds, and our founder Susie provides exercises and techniques which can be easily incorporated into everyday life. 

Metabolic Typing Educational Videos


Keen to improve your eating and maybe drop a few kilos at the same time? Learn about your Metabolic Type and how important it is to what you eat for optimal health and optimal weight with this package of questionnaire and information videos.

This Nutrition pack contains:

- Video 1 - How Metabolic Typing Works

- Video 2 - Metabolic Typing

- Video 3 - Eat for your Metabolic Type

- A Metabolic Typing Questionnaire

Online Wellbeing Modules - Browse the Video Library

Choose any module you want to learn about, and work at your own pace with on-demand access to our individual wellbeing videos.

What wellbeing goals are most important to you? Do you want to become more intentional, more mindful, or less stressed? Do you want to improve your physical health through movement and posture? Browse our library and choose the wellbeing topics that interest you most. 

Suna Wellbeing creates practical, effective wellness programmes for mind-body health and vitality. Combine these with Your Pilates online workouts for effective, intensive exercise, and live your best life.

Creating healthy minds and bodies since 2000.