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I am 14 years old, I have really bad anxiety that I have to take medication for, to keep it under control. Even with the tablets my anxiety was getting worse, so my Mum took me to see Susie for a kinesiology session. Since then I have been able to sleep much better at night and I don’t get sore tummies like I used to and can concentrate better at school. I also have a lot more energy. I went back a few weeks later to see Libby, just for a quick check and am feeling even better. I really like how I feel afterwards and think that it could help lots of other people too."

- Alexandra

I have been doing Kinesiology sessions with Susie and it has changed my outlook on life completely. I have done a lot of work on myself, and now I go to bed feeling amazing, and wake up feeling amazing. When I have something negative or confrontational happen, I can use the tools I have learnt as well as using my Sama blocks to get me back on track and to help me stay calm and balanced. Life is so different when I am in control of how I feel.”

- LM

Wow. I’m not a crier . But I cried, and then I cried some more. Not even sure why - but it was a complete release. All those pent up emotions that I’d been carrying around just flooded out and rather than feel uncomfortable about it I felt quite liberated. Susie is awesome. She helped me look at some issues in a completely different way. I’d been feeling really down, low energy and generally yuck about life. I’m a working mum and was really completely overwhelmed with everything.
I’d tried lots of things that hadn’t made any difference (including medication) so thought it was worth giving Kinesiology a go - even though I didn’t really understand what it was. Its been liberating for me, I’m looking at life differently and really trying to focus on choosing my thoughts, because I now understand that they are the driver of how I feel. I’ve got a way to go, but I feel way better and know that I’ve got support at Suna when I need it."

- Sara

I am convinced the Suna Pilates and the Kinesiology sessions really helped me after my operation in both my mindset and recovery!”

- Jaqui

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have discovered Suna Kinesiology and the whole team! We first came to see Susie and Gabby for my 3 year old son. He developed severe eczema at 5 months and not even doctors could explain what caused this. He was covered from head to toe in red oozing rashes we felt so helpless and overwhelmed. We saw countless doctors and was told each time there's no actual cause of eczema and to pop him in a bleach bath and lathe him in steroid cream.
I felt so let down by the doctors I knew it was up to me to start him on a more 'holistic' journey of healing. Going organic, gut health and removing the main 7 allergens was a huge break through but no matter how committed we were we still had a very scratchy and agitated baby. We tried everything from acupuncture, cranial osteopathy and homeopathy but I feel we've seen the most improvements since we started seeing Susie and Gabby with his kinesiology treatments. We now have a much more calm and happy child and you can visibly see new healthy skin coming through. We can't thank you guys enough!"

- Maiko

I have been having Kinesiology for a little while, off and on, now and have found it extremely beneficial to my overall health. Just in the last couple of months I have been having it more often as I am finding the benefits so great. One of the biggest things it has helped me with is Menopause, I am no longer having hot flushes – AT ALL. I suffered quite badly from them so this is a huge result for me. It has also helped with my tummy/IBS issues, adrenal fatigues and many other smaller problems, and my overall health has improved. I have been seeing Susie and Libby who have been absolutely awesome and very sympathetic and understanding. Highly recommend to anyone."

- Karen

Thank you Susie for an amazing 90 minute session! I've been coming to see Susie for my son with eczema for 6 months now with amazing results, so a 'self care' session for myself was incredible... and boy did I need it! I'd been feeling completely overwhelmed with life... being a mum of a toddler with health issues, juggling work and also strained relationships. Susie helped me understand the underlying issues of my anxieties and how my body was reacting. She also taught me how to tackle them mentally and emotionally which has been life changing.
The whole body reset at the end of the session was like as if years worth of sadness and stresses had been released. I left the session incredibly calm and confident. I feel like I've gained back my confidence I lost after giving birth which I never thought would happen! Thank you Susie and your incredible team. I am so grateful to have discovered you all. I am going to make this a regular thing as I've realised the importance of 'self care' and how beneficial it is for my son to have a calm and happy mum... (well most of the time anyway!) xx"

- Maiko

The combination of Kinesiology and a personalised eating and exercise plan worked a dream. I have been trying to lose 5kg for a long time but taking this on with Libby’s help, weekly meetings and planning was easy. There were no food cravings, it was easy to follow and with a bit of exercise and diligence I got rid of 5kg in 5 weeks. Not only did I get rid of the weight, I increased my muscle percentage and decreased my fat percentage. The bonus for me, was four days on and three off which also meant I didn’t lose my social life. I would highly recommend this if you are motivated and want to change your lifestyle."

- Debbie Doubleday

The Minus 5 has been the best and most effective weight loss programme I have tried (and I have tried a few), I am loving the results and continued to lose weight after the 5 weeks. The first couple of weeks were tough but manageable, then it got easier from there. I still stick to most of the principles around it but am nowhere near as strict as in the beginning. The support was awesome, with weekly weigh in’s and checking everything was going ok. The best part for me (other than getting rid of the weight) is that I know what to do now and have the programme specially for me that works, so I can do it again in the future without it costing any more money. "

- Karen Barron

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Susie, Libby and the team for introducing me to the Minus 5 Programme. Susie never ceases to amaze me with her innovation to improving health. The programme taught me what and importantly when to eat. I found the programme became a normal way of life. I lost 5kg's and have easily kept it off, I have improved digestion and have more energy. The programme also motivates you to keep your training consistent."

- Phil Jones

I came to see Susie 6 months ago and my diabetes was at 56. I am now down to 46 and weigh in at 74kgs - which is the lowest I have been in decades.
When I came to see Susie for that first 45 minute session, I changed my diet and began doing Pilates 3 times a week., I am feeling good and I am starting to see my abs!"

- Simon

I was holding some extra weight around my stomach and nothing I did made any difference. Susie used muscle testing to test my metabolic type and told me that I was a “protein type”. I thought I was eating right for weight loss by eating nothing but salads but actually all I was doing was loading myself up with carbohydrates which I didn’t realise was sugar. My body needed ‘protein’ so to lose weight I needed to eat more protein not carbs, it was so interesting. I am now starting to lose the weight and I have more energy."

When I was made redundant I realised I had become someone I didn’t recognise, as I had put up walls, felt unwanted, developed an inappropriate filter, potty-mouth and a distrust of employers, so once registered and checked, I wasn’t prepared to accept it any longer. 

Suna empowered me, helping shift my mindset over 45 days of working through how I had compromised my values, which had affected my behaviour. I am totally grateful to you and your team for getting me through what has been 10 years of employment stress."
- Maree

I wasn’t sleeping at all and mentioned it to Libby when we were chatting. She muscle tested me and said I was magnesium deficient. I’ve been using the magnesium oil for a month and my sleeping has definitely improved. I now get a test to see if I need supplements and vitamins so I know that I am taking the right things."

I am a very happy client! I first came to Suna Pilates as both my Chiropractor and personal trainer recommended your services particularly around improving my flexibility. I have had a long standing lower back problem but had been told it was due to aging and degeneration and not much could be done about it. I had resigned myself to living with discomfort and some pain. Since starting at Suna about 4 months ago I am amazed at how much my back has improved from regular Pilates sessions and I am feeling so much better with the added benefit of improved flexibility and overall fitness.
I was also introduced to Kinesiology (something I knew nothing about) at Suna and Susie the Kinesiology magician has fixed my acid reflux/coughing issue. Years ago my doctor put me onto a daily dose of Losec. I have now thrown away the Losec and through regular Kinesiology and some simple diet and eating changes recommended by Susie I am truly amazed I no longer suffer from acid reflux and no longer take medication.
The whole team at Suna Pilates are really caring, fun and welcoming and I just wanted to say a sincere thank you …. it has been a real life improving experience."

- Les Probert

I was completely unable to engage my abs in class last week like I normally can. Susie pulled me out of the class and quickly muscle tested me. She said my kidney was completely switched off and explained that the kidney held stress and asked me if I was unusually stressed today and I explained that I’d just had an argument with my partner. Susie switched everything back on and I was able to engage my abs … and had a great workout, It was crazy."

I was a complete newbie to Kinesiology two months ago when a close friend suggested I see Susie. I have recently been going through a difficult time in my life, which was presenting as an overwhelming sense of sadness and anxiety, the kind where you feel like you won't pick yourself up this time, and a constant stream of tears trying to keep it all together. I was willing to try anything and must confess I did not know what to expect from the session.

Susie not only helped me to identify my feelings and how my body was reacting but also gave me the tools to re-frame my thoughts - so I am back on track and living happy again! All of this topped off with a genuine caring, generous natured person has been such a gift to me."

- Kat

I would say 'balanced by Susie and ready for life!' Susie is incredible and it is awesome how Kinesiology changes the way you feel yourself. I definitely recommend everyone have Kinesiology!"

- Criss

At the age of 30, I was on anti-depressants and going through a bad patch in life. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go overseas for 2 years and during that time, I managed to come off them after 4 years. I started seeing Susie and the team at Suna 3.5 years ago and I can honestly say, I don't know how I would cope if I didn't have them to go to when I was feeling challenged in my mind and body. Sometimes I feel I have the potential to go back down that track as I find it really hard to understand my feelings and to deal with my emotions. I know I never will go back on the antidepressants, as they were not pleasant, but it’s hard to know how to deal with all the unexplained emotions, anger, sadness etc.
I do both Pilates and Kinesiology and I am more in-tune with my body now and can feel the triggers and because I have learnt a lot about myself at Suna, generally I know what is happening. Knowing this helps me a lot but it doesn't mean I know how to deal with it - and this is where Kinesiology comes in. Whenever I feel an edge of anything happening in my body, I know I need a balance. They can find the trigger (either emotional or physical), help me to understand it, deal with it and I feel so much calmer. Sometimes I go once a month and sometimes its every 1-2 weeks, it all depends on how I’m feeling inside, listening to my body and asking for help when I need it.
The journey is incredible as you learn so much about yourself and life, but most importantly, it gives me that understanding and feeling of calm in my body so I can continue enjoying life and not feeling those feelings of depression / anxiety / anger. 
Don’t try to figure this out yourself, you do not have to. It is so incredible to know you have someone to go to and feel an immediate sense of calm and relief knowing what is going on. There is always a reason for the feeling inside of you and to know where it stems from, makes it so much easier to deal with and you are instantly calm after your sessions with Suna. I cannot recommend it enough. I honestly wish I could get everyone to experience it so life can be great for you all."

What do you get your 68 yr old husband for his birthday? You get him a Kinesiology session with Susie of course! I won’t lie – when I gave Steve his voucher he didn’t jump up and down with excitement. The day of his session I was being asked “What is she going to do exactly? What do I wear?” It’s fair to say there was zero excitement and a fair amount of apprehension. Fast forward to the end of the day when I asked how it went… “It was really interesting! Susie explained everything to me in simple terms and how the mechanics of the body work. She told me what my body needs and I’m going to see Vinnie in two weeks’ time.”
The best part is, the next day Steve said that his neck, which has restricted movement, was feeling a little less tense! This was the perfect gift. Thank you so much Susie… you have another convert."

- Debbie

I’ve been to Kinesiology practitioners on and off over 20 years and it has always helped me, but a session with Susie was a complete eye-opener! She identified a whole range of issues from muscular to emotional, and corrected physical things like my hamstrings right then and there. Because Susie is a trained Life Coach she also gives me great guidance and motivates me in ways that work with my personality! I feel stronger and more balanced emotionally – I can’t recommend her enough. I have sent friends and family to see Susie too, all of whom have come away really impressed and more relaxed. Kinesiology is good for you, and Kinesiology with Susie is really amazing!”

- Huia

I was finding it hard to digest food so had a balance with Gabby and found out that I had a twist through my ribs and that my body wasn’t absorbing water properly. Although I thought I was drinking enough, I was actually dehydrated and this was affecting the function of my gut. Gabby switched everything back on and I felt 100% better and after 3 weekly Kinesiology sessions I’ve dropped back to once a month – just to keep on top of it."

I had an aching lower back – something I’ve never struggled with before. I thought it was just age! But Libby pulled me aside after a class and gave me a balance. I found out that my abs were completely switched off and that they had switched off because I was over stressed. Libby showed me that when my abs are switched off, to stay upright, my back was working harder and this had tilted my pelvis forward… hence the sore back! Who would have thought that stress could have given me a bad back! It was fascinating. Libby switched the right muscles on, and it feels crazy to say, but the relief was instant. I’m now a convert and book in whenever I’ve got a niggle – just so I can nip it in the bud."

There is lots of information on how Kinesiology works on our About page - or you can watch this video, where Susie explains how Kinesiology works. If you still have questions you are SO welcome to call us and chat, or drop us an email to ask what you need to know. We are happy to help.