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Be Well 8 - Your personalised wellbeing plan

  • $500.00

A completely personalised wellbeing programme targeting YOUR goals

Employ simple life changing steps to create dramatic change; that lasts.

You know you want to take action to improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing - but maybe you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have tried things already, and didn't get the change you wanted.

At Suna, we kickstart your wellness journey with our 8 week Be Well personalised plan to help you prioritise your wellbeing, by focusing on all areas that will make you feel incredible. 

We'll help you set a clear goal of what you want to achieve.

Your personalised Be Well plan will set you up to reach your goal, while improving your overall wellbeing - improving your overall happiness and quality of life.

Each Be Well plan focuses on empowering you to make six simple - yet seriously effective - lifestyle changes that can dramatically and sustainably improve your whole body wellbeing.

Regardless of if your focus is on reduced weight, more energy, better gut health, detoxing, athletic challenges or a greater overall feeling of happiness, we're on your team! Name your goal - we will set a practical, achievable path for you to get there.

As your Be Well plan is completely personalised, we will show you what is good and right for your body - and most importantly, what will work for your body to get the results you want long term.

Be Well is not a "quick fix, gone tomorrow" programme, it is a way of creating a new lifestyle.

With over 20 years’ experience helping people with countless different health issues and goals, our aim is to help you create a well, happy body, so you can get the most out of your life, and enjoy lasting wellness. We measure ourselves on contentment and laughter rather than in just pounds and inches!

Doing what is right and good for your body is key – so we use Suna testing to find out what is truly right for you.

Be Well uses Suna Kinesiology (a system of muscle testing) to build a plan specific to your body's needs. Your plan will incorporate a combination of thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, exercise and rest! All the essentials you need to be the most wonderful version of you.

Your plan will tell you:

  • Your Metabolic Type
  • What to eat for your Metabolic Type
  • When to eat (which can be as important)
  • How many times a day to eat
  • How much water you need
  • How much rest you need (and when)
  • What type of exercise is best for You
  • How much exercise to do and when you should do it
  • If any supplements would be helpful to you
  • If there’s anything that’s not functioning optimally and how to fix it

Your Be Well plan will focus on what you can do to reach your goal - not on what you can’t do. We believe that life is meant to be fun – and thrashing your body, starving yourself, and denying yourself just isn’t.

Your Be Well Plan will focus you on what’s good for your body and the results will reward you for doing good by your body! Let's get started!

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