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Nutritional Needs Testing

  • $30.00

Do you know if the vitamins and supplements you are taking are right for you? Are they doing you any good? Can your body accept and use them? What are you missing out on?

If you have ever wondered if what you are taking is actually beneficial for you? And then, is your body accepting and using what you are taking?

Look no further. Find out if your supplements are helping you - AND what your body is missing out on! We can eliminate the guess work and use muscle testing to find out:

  1. Does your body need a different product at the moment?
  2. Are you using the correct products?
  3. Can your body access and use the vitamins and supplements you are taking? If your body can’t accept them, we can reset your body so it uses what you need.
It is FREE to ask at reception about our products, and we can test you on the spot - no need to book. OR book a 15 minute session and bring in your own supplements for testing to make sure what you are taking is actually right for you! No more wasting money on expensive vitamins and supplements you don't need. Please email us now, or phone 09 489 1987 to book.