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Finding Calm. Coping with Anxiety & Stress

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Anxiety affects so many people on different levels. From a low level nagging feeling that something is about to go awfully wrong, to panic attacks and stress levels that can affect our health long term, living with ongoing anxiety and stress takes a toll on people in all walks of life.

Over more than 20 years we have worked with a range of methodologies to support our clients through stressful times and to overcome long term anxiety, because we know that a well body and mind work together for true, holistic wellbeing.

Calm and mindfulness are key to enjoying life and all its ups and downs. You will learn to consciously recognise what you can change and what you can't, and understand why our minds work the way they do in stressful situations - and the effect this has on our wellbeing and our physical body.

In this 30 minute online seminar, Susie shares insights, techniques, tips and ways to cope with stress and anxiety so you can enjoy a calmer more rewarding life.

At the end of her talk, Susie shares a specific 5 minute programme that you can choose to adopt, or use whenever you need. This is designed to give you a new way of approaching mental wellbeing with a short daily practice that can be adapted to fit any lifestyle.

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