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Wellness Assessment

  • $95.00

Get a head-start on holistic well being with a Suna Wellness Assessment. This assessment is designed to find what isn’t functioning in your body. 

With over 100 things to test, our assessment will help to reprogram your body’s internal computer using a combination of muscle testing and touching specific points that correspond with various body parts or systems. We then make corrections in a specific order.

We test things such as your blood sugar mechanism, circulation, adrenal, bladder and even PMS. All these can be corrected so you feel fantastic. 

Our assessors are trained in kinesiology, metabolic typing and of course Pilates - so they can combine these fields of expertise and use our check list to investigate your overall wellness, and identify ways for you to live better and be more healthy. 

During a Suna Wellness Assessment we will translate your body's signals to give clear indications of ways you can create a rejuvenated, empowered body - that feels wonderful to live in.

Please phone the studio to book on 09 489 1987.

Not 100%? Find out why your body is not in optimum condition

So often we know that we're 'just not right' in ourselves. We're tired, jaded or depressed, have vague physical discomforts or just often feel unwell. 

Modern life typically drives us to spend long hours inactive at the office and in the car and less time outdoors, using our bodies. Food is processed and packaged, and a far cry from the seasonal wholefoods that our great grandparents ate. Allergies and food sensitivities are increasing and our sedentary lifestyle leaves less time for holistic exercise and joyful adventures!

Our experienced practitioners use a Suna Wellness Assessment to analyse your body and uncover the reasons that you are less well than you should be. 

Living with pain & injury? Get a personalised treatment plan

During a Suna Wellness Assessment we will often identify physical reasons that you are feeling less than the best version of yourself. From discovering injuries or physical issues to highlighting opportunities for postural improvement that will impact your wellbeing, a physical assessment using kinesiology is a big part of this session.

Because our assessors are trained in the physiology of Pilates, they can combine their understanding of what they find using kinesiology, with in-session treatment and strategic actions you can take to combat or rehabilitate the physical damage. 

Nutrition advice & insights on eating well for YOUR body

With metabolic typing we can identify what your metabolism thrives on - and which foods are less than helpful for your body. We are all different; foods that are ideal for one person can be counter-productive for another. Nutrition can often be the key to unlocking a more balanced body, weight loss, and new levels of physical fitness.

Small changes to the way you eat can have really dramatic effects on your your overall health through improved energy, weight loss, and a stronger immune system - among many things!

Book your Wellness Assessment online now, or talk to our team about how a Suna Wellness Assessment can change your life - and set you free to enjoy a body functioning at optimum levels!