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Workplace Pilates & Posture Education

  • $150.00

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Do you want your staff to feel better at work, or want to create some fun they can share? If you are in Central Auckland or on the North Shore, we’d love to help.

Pilates is a great health-focused team-building exercise for small groups, from workplace teams to large companies - and also for community groups, rehabilitation and aged care facilities, sports groups, and even new or expectant mums.

We can do on-site sessions for up to 30 people at a time, or via Zoom so that all your team can view online. You can even give your staff access to online Pilates subscription for $5/week with Your Pilates.

A Suna Pilates Workplace Wellness session will:

  • make your team feel energised and focused
  • take you through a super fun Pilates workout
  • help with stress release
  • provide postural tips 
  • provide exercises to reduce the impacts of working at a desk

We can offer a range of one-off Pilates sessions, or set up regular weekly or monthly sessions, and tailor the content to your team. Depending on your workplace needs, we can focus on posture, flexibility, ageing well, stress management or nutrition. We can even help with things like Pilates for Health & Safety, teaching your team how to safeguard their backs and knees when lifting heavy items.

Everything we teach is based on functional fitness, and our Corporate Wellness sessions are designed to educate employees with wellness techniques that they can use in every-day life.

Get a customised presentation in-office or online

Need an introduction to wellbeing, to kickstart your team’s fitness journey? Why not have our Master Trainer & Director of Suna Pilates & Wellbeing, Susie, come and do a 1 hour presentation to your team on Pilates, posture, stress management, nutrition - any of the modules covered in Time To Thrive. Or add any of these topics:

  • Pilates for Posture - stronger cores and healthy backs
  • Pilates for Health & Safety issues - like bad backs, knees, heavy lifting
  • Pilates with Posture and Nutrition
  • Pilates for Energy - for maintaining energy levels through the work day
  • Nutrition Workshops - with metabolic typing 
  • Stop Stress Workshops
  • Minus 5 Programme - for weight loss and building better health habits
  • Breathing Workshops - for stress control and energy
  • And more...

She will also run a 15 minute Q&A session. $250 +GST

    Contact us or phone us on 09 489 1987 to let us know you’re interested in a Suna Workplace Wellness session.